Have You Planned Your Valentine’s Day Gift yet?

Now that the month of February is here, with it comes the season of love. Yes, I am referring to the St. Valentine’s Day on 14th of February. After Christmas, I believe Valentine’s Day is the next busiest day for people to search for gifts – for their loved ones. One idea is on top of everyone’s mind and it also acts as a great backup plan – flowers.


While the idea of giving flowers seem lovely to your loved ones, but does it fulfil the idea of everlasting love? Let’s take the example of a lovely red Rose Bouquet that you buy from a store. You take delivery of the gift and you want to give it to your partner before a special dinner at home or in that special restaurant that your partner always liked. You give the lovely flowers to them and they are overwhelmed when they see it. But after that what happens? It’s kept on the side and when you leave for home, you pick it up and take along, maybe take care and put it in beautiful vase. But how long will it remain fresh and lively? After a couple of days, the flowers will wither out and die.

But what if you are able to gift your partner an everlasting memory? We have seen the old gifting ideas like flowers, chocolates, mugs, tshirts, bedsheets with the couples photos being bandied upon for ages. But wouldn’t these gifts become stale over a period of time. This is the problem with consumable gifts; they either perish or wither over time.

Indian Couple having food

But your memories are always there with you. You get a quick chuckle when you think of the romantic evening you spent at the seashore and had taken a quick selfie. Or that magnificent pose your partner gave during their dance which you captured in your DSLR. Or your deep thinker pose that your partner captured sometime back. What if you are able to put all these small memories together and then create that perfect big everlasting memory of your relationship.


This is where Mosaic Collage played a very important role in my friend’s life. He took that one big photo of him and his partner and then using all the small happy moments that he and his partner had captured in the last couple of years and made it into one giant Mosaic Collage. He then got it printed and then framed it and of course gift wrapped it. Oh yeah, the old romantic that he is, he bought the rose bouquet to go with it. When the time came for the Romantic Dinner on Valentines Day, he gifted his partner the rose bouquet and the gift-wrapped Mosaic Collage. You can very well guess which gift is now sitting in her living room’s wall.

A gift, at the end of the day, is an expression of love that you share with your partner. Just because the gift is bad doesn’t and shouldn’t impact the level of love you have on your partner. But you can always ensure that your gift remains in your partner’s memory forever, like my friend’s Mosaic Collage.

Snapita has introduced Snapita Mosaic in time for the Valentine’s Day. You can create a perfect Mosaic Collage in a single place where Snapita handles the design, the prints and the frames. The inkjet printing, the craftsmanship of the frames and the teams experience ensures that on Valentine’s Day you don’t have to worry about that perfect gift but you can think of all the good times you will end up having.

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