Baby Portfolio – The Story of Childhood through Pictures

While we pepper our lives today with selfies to commemorate important childhood moments, here comes a small reminder so you don’t forget to save a few professional shots to be remembered & cherished.

It is no secret that, we, at Snapita, love taking photos. We have photographed hundreds of little ones and derive great joy in doing so. When you opt for a baby portfolio, you get the chance to preserve some fleeting candid moments in true authenticity.

When your baby, all grown up, sees his photo of playing with mommy and daddy in the bath, it will shroud him in a warm love that cannot be matched. Snaps of his tears at the kitchen sink will paint before him the love and patience with which he was cared for. A ride with papa in the scooter gleefully captured will help him identify his hero, his north star, among a storm of raging waves. Pictures of your little girl, gleefully teetering over the garden footpath will fill her with ecstasy everytime she sees them.

With these beautiful captures, your little ones see themselves. When they grow up seeing these carefully preserved moments, there sprouts within them a deep sense of self. They carry a tangible feeling of love, a precious connection, a profound sense of belonging, laying base to a healthy regard for themselves. These pictures are not just a few papers, they are the mainstay upholder of your children’s personal identity. They develop a firm tie to their family and carry within them the pride of being loved so dearly.

We can never come to terms with the fact that our memories eventually fade away. Only those of us whose childhood never bears any mementos would know the pain. Our brains are weird; a lifetime passes, and our neural system silently erases our memories, one by one. The things we did, the places we’ve been, the people we hold dear, everything gets caught in the labyrinth of our humanness until we no longer are sure if our fifth birthday robe was blue or green.

Thanks to the photographs that we preserve today, our children won’t have the same fate. Thanks to these photographs, our sons and daughters know for sure who they are.

A child portfolio is an investment indeed, one that is worth every penny in gold and more. Start creating memoirs of love that will one day be the light of your baby’s quite mundane day.

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